Yakima Fairing

With today's gas prices everyone is more conscious of aerodynamics and performance. Yakima's Fairing gives you a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape while your vehicle is loaded. Plus, it's quieter! Yakima's Fairing produces a smoother outline, reducing drag and increasing performance and aerodynamics. As an added bonus, lower drag means less noise as wind goes by. Available in a variety of widths. The right one for you depends on your vehicle width and how many bugs you want it to squish on each trip. Fits windshield angles and curvatures for a clean outline and a great look. Compatible with every Yakima tower. Lockable with SKS lock housing and cores (sold separately) . Quick installation on round bars. Also a great place to show off your sticker collection.

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Yakima Fairing Review

I'm a little disappointed time of shipping, my relative got his Yakima Fairing much more quickly, but I have to say that the product compansate the waiting time. It's really magnificent.

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