Werner Corryvrecken Carbon Paddle

The lightweight Werner Corryvrecken Carbon Paddle's full-size asymmetrical blades maximize the power and efficiency of well conditioned high-angle paddlers. Full-size, high-angle blades are ideal for well conditioned paddlers who want to get the most out of every stroke. Curved dihedral blade face reduces ""flutter"" and enhances maneuverability, helping you smoothly link strokes. Carbon fiber continuous weave blades for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and long-lasting durability. Werner's exclusive Smart-View (TM) adjustable ferrule gives you a convenient two-piece paddle that looks and feels like a one-piece. The Smart-View system lets you quickly and easily adjust the offset, or feather angle, of your paddle in 15 degree increments with right- or left-hand control. Small diameter shafts are available and recommended for paddlers whose hand (from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger) measures 6 1/2"" or smaller.

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Werner Corryvrecken Carbon Paddle Review

This product has nice 350.00 and it's from trustworthy Werner.It's Worth your money, because it has good quality.

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