Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig

Tormek's SE-77 Square Edge Jig features dual fine adjustment knobs on the side that let you easily adjust it for squareness to the wheel-an essential adjustment when sharpening chisels and plane blades. Fine adjustment is accomplished in seconds by loosening one of the knobs and tightening the other. The jig's design also lets you sharpen chisels that taper along the length of the blade, such as Japanese chisels. You can even set the jig for a slightly convex shape, such as for plane blades with a scooped profile. Safety stops keep the jig securely on the Universal Support and prevent the tool from falling off the support or grindstone. Fits chisels and plane irons up to 3'' wide.

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Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig Review

You can't find better jigs for price under 66.00.

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