Reebok Men's RB4805 Kenoy ESD Athletic Cross Trainer Steel Toe Shoes

50 Shades of Grey? Well not really, but there's just something about these tennis shoes... Something sexy, something desirable, something that makes you forget where you are and what you're doing. Well, not really. It's true that these Reebok Men's RB4805 Kenoy ESD Athletic Cross Trainer Steel Toe Shoes aren't as fun as a beach book or as escapist as suburban erotica, but they can help jazz up your otherwise boring job. Who doesn't like a little leather? These Reebok athletic safety toe shoes have mesh and leather uppers that keep your feet cooler than all-leather shoes. Mostly grey with a splash of navy, these crosstrainer shoes are unassuming and uniform-friendly.Inside, they've got Tailbrelle lining that wicks moisture away from your skin. If you hate the discomfort of sweaty feet, these Reebok work shoes are for you.Like these steel toe shoes, you might look like a vanilla sort of guy on the outside, but inside you're all heavy metal--steel that is. These safety toe tennis shoes protect your feet from all sorts of falling objects. If someone tips over some machinery or drops a tool, in these athletic crosstrainers, your feet will be protected from impact from above.These Reebok safety shoes are also static dissipative. This allows you to safely work around work in places that accumulate static, as long as you have your SD shoes on. Some people who would find use in ESD footwear are people who work on electricity on circuit boards, computer chips or in paint shops. Although these work shoes help keep you safe while wearing them, they should not be worn in areas where there are open circuits or highly charged equipment.Although it's important to be tough, as most of us learn, a little softness goes a long way. These Reebok sneakers have removable EVA cushion inserts inside so that your feet are comfortable during the day. Sponge rubber wedges in the heels absorb shocks and keep a spring in your step.At work, you come in to contact with all types of floor surfaces and strange things on the floor. The outsoles of these Reebok shoes can handle it. They're dual-density soles, and have rubber bottoms and EVA midsoles. Dual-density soles means that some parts of the soles are harder than others and some parts are softer, this differential gives you more support in some areas and more flexibility in others. The rubber bottoms and EVA midsoles shield your feet from rough terrain and provide traction.Even if you can't resist these steel toe tennis shoes, their soles can resist almost anything they encounter. These resist slipping better than many work shoes on the market. They also resist oil, abrasion and chemicals well, so the soles stay durable and in tact even after repeated encounters with things that cause other safety toe shoe soles to degrade. If you work around heat, or in places were you encounter metal chips on the floor, you'll be glad to know that the soles of these Reebok shoes provide good resistance to them as well.

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Reebok Men's RB4805 Kenoy ESD Athletic Cross Trainer Steel Toe Shoes Review

For 89.99, it is very cheap product. If i'll need another training, i'll definitely buy this again!

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