Interco Swamp Lite Tire

Super strong 6 ply construction for longer wear and rugged durability Step down tread pattern adds to the lug strength and reverse power Great steering; cornering; stability and boasts a very smooth ride Excellent versatile performance and lighter ground disturbance Built in rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents and prevents dirt from wedging between the tire and rim Spaced and staggered lug design allows for easy cleaning Aggressive all terrain tire for all conditions Best used in mud; snow; and hard pack This quad / side-by-side tire is tubeless Tread Depth: .66'' for sizes 22x8-10; 23x8-10; and 22x7-11 .75'' for sizes 25x12-9; 25x8-11; 25x10-11; 24x8-12; 25x8-12; and 25x10-12 1'' for sizes 22x11-9; 22x11-10; and 25x11-10 1.13'' for sizes 26x9-12; 26x10-12; and 26x12-12 1.25'' for sizes 27x9-12; 27x10-12; 27x12-12; 27x9-14; and 27x11-14 1.56'' for sizes 28x10-12; 29.5x10-12; 28x9-14; and 28x11-14 Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following ATV/UTV tire sizes: 22x11-10; 22x11-9; 22x7-11; 22x8-10; 23x8-10; 24x8-12; 24x9-10; 24x11-10; 25x10-11; 25x10-12; 25x11-10; 25x12-9; 25x8-11; 25x8-12; 26x10-12; 26x12-12; 26x9-12; 27x10-12; 27x11-14; 27x12-12; 27x9-12; 27x9-14; 28x10-12; 28x11-14; 28x9-14 and 29.5x10-12.

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Interco Swamp Lite Tire Review

I have this road tires for ages. I am still happy and I am using Interco Swamp Lite Tire almost every day. This Interco Swamp Lite Tire was reffered by my friend.

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