Gurkha Xtreme Grand Robusto

There are many extreme cigars; the difference here is, Gurkha Xtreme ain't just another one of them. In a word: whoa. Gurkha's proprietary Nicaraguan blend isn't so much full-bodied, as it is hell YES - the flavor is off the charts, and so is the potency. Tipping the scales even more is the fact that Xtreme is offered in no shorter size than a 5x54 Grand Robusto. Buy a box: while the blend is nothing short of staggering, so is the packaging - and all told, pure Gurkha.

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Gurkha Xtreme Grand Robusto Review

I'm looking for any new spirits from outlet Famous Smoke Shop. I have in bag Gurkha Xtreme Grand Robusto and it's excellent . I like correspondent spirits from Gurkha Xtreme.

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