Day Hikes from the River 4th Ed. Book

If you are planning on a boating trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, don't leave without Day Hikes from the River - A Guide to 100 Hikes, by Tom Martin. This book gives you detailed descriptions on where the hike starts from the river, various routes, landmarks, degrees of difficulty, etc. Each hike area is accompanied by a topo map with the routes marked. The hike descriptions are as easy to follow as a cookbook. Paper used in the book is not waterproof. Tom Martin has been hiking through the Grand Canyon, from the river, since 1969. These hike descriptions are from personal experience. Author: Tom Martin Copyright: Fourth Edition, 2010 Size: 5 1/2"" W x 8 1/2"" L Pages: 224 Topo maps: black & white, various scales

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Day Hikes from the River 4th Ed. Book Review

I recommend buying Day Hikes from the River 4th Ed. Book .It has some nice quality and it's definitely worth 21.95

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