Black Brand Cheater .50 Half Helmet

The Cheater Series of helmets from Black Brand present the ultimate; no compromise solution to the mushroom head look Motorcycle helmet with a fiberglass shell The fiberglass shell allows Black Brand to in-mold a Composite Fusion EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner directly to the shell; eliminating gaps and increasing safety Composite Fusion Technology puts dual density cone shapes against each other in the EPS; creating crumple zones that absorb more energy; quicker; and still allow for a very small EPS thickness; contributing to the small sizes of Cheater helmets The Cheater .50 half helmet has a surface area of 188 inches making it about 20% smaller than a traditional half shell HJC helmet and a full 10% smaller than the smallest Harley Davidson half helmet DOT approved

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Black Brand Cheater .50 Half Helmet Review

I bought Black Brand Cheater .50 Half Helmet for my girl and is very satisfied!

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